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can you imagine if twitter existed in the 1800s

abe lincoln tweeting shit like “wow this play sucks just shoot me”

too soon


Ed Sheeran gives a little sneak peek of One Direction’s new single “Little Things”.

“I know you never liked the sound of your voice on tape and you’ve never loved to know how much you weight. And you still have to squeeze into your jeans but you’re still perfect to me”


Is it pathetic that I pretend famous/fictional people are really there and I use them as my shoulder to cry on cause I have no one else?

I opened up one of those ‘open me in 10 years’ things and all it had in it was a picture of Taylor Lautner.

I know you’re reading this, Tessa… >.>


this was like my first  myspace picture ever omfg

Is it weird I had the same hat when I was little?


this was like my first  myspace picture ever omfg

Is it weird I had the same hat when I was little?


Number one rule of Tumblr:


If you don’t, get off Tumblr. Now.

My day has just been brightened SO SO SO SO much because LUKE CONARD (one of my FAVORITE youtubers) replied to TWO of my comments on his video just now. <33333

November 28th

It’s often said that a Sagittarius born on November 28 is their own best friend and worst enemy. They know how to break rules to get attention. But they’re also creative and can inspire others. They have bursts of creative energy, as well as periods of indolence during which they produce very little.

Friends and Lovers

Because they often struggle to understand their motivations, people born on this date rely upon friends to help them understand themselves. For this reason, they generally have a large circle of friends. Despite their seeming accessibility, they are extremely private and manage to keep something of their personality in reserve.

Children and Family

November 28 people seem, even from an early age, to reinvent themselves, searching for the single truth within the patchwork of truths that explains them. They bring that existential angst to parenting. They want to connect emotionally with their children yet may be unwilling to force their ideas upon their youngsters.


People born on this date believe in keeping their mental and physical energies in balance. Although they know that exercise and diet play big parts in good health, they feel that such habits only provide a temporary solution. They are masters at achieving trance states through concentration.

Career and Finances

November 28 people have a tendency to make unusual career choices. Even if their profession is conventional, these fascinating folks will seek an offbeat area of expertise within their field. They change careers often, when no further challenge exists. Money is rarely a factor in making a career choice.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date want what they want, though exactly what that is has a tendency to change from day to day. November 28 individuals are often uncertain about which path to take, generally because they have so many interests. They try hard to be more decisive about goals, which can become a goal in itself!